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All TBR Institutions are required to follow system policies and guidelines and incorporate them into their campus policies and guidelines. As the need arises, policies and guidelines are updated and re-posted to the website.

TBR Policies and Guidelines


Index Codes

The following index is provided as an aid to finding the correct policy.

  1. Governance, Organization, and General (, etc.)
  2. Academic (, etc.)
  3. Student (, etc.)
  4. Business and Finance (, etc.)
  5. Personnel (, etc.)
  6. Councils and Committees (, etc.)
  7. Appendix and Council Constitutions (, etc.)
  8. Sexual Discrimination / Harassment / Misconduct (, etc.)
  9. Safety, Emergency, and Temporary (, etc.)

Recent Updates

December 18, 2020 - Institutional Oversight Committee approved the follow policy:

  • 1:08:00:09 Substantive Change Policy: Revisions adopted on December 18, 2020 combined previous MSCC policies 1:08:00:09 (SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE POLICY) & 6:10:00:19 (SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE COMMITTEE POLICY) into this policy: Substantive Change Policy 1:08:00:09
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