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Work, Learn, and Earn

Why is an apprenticeship an excellent option for so many individuals?

An apprenticeship is a high-quality career pathway. A person obtains a paid job gaining work experience, related classroom instruction, mentorship, and earns a nationally recognized industry credential.

The apprentice is immediately hired into a great job and gains all the experience and training needed to become highly skilled in their desired field. They earn competitive wages at a company they know is committed to their continued success and growth as an individual.

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Why is an apprenticeship an excellent option for so many companies?

Employers recruit and develop diverse and highly skilled team members. Hiring an apprentice from Motlow boosts profitability, minimizes costs, improves retention, builds company culture, and customizes training to meet their organization's specific needs. Our Motlow Workforce Development team serves as an extension of your recruitment efforts to find and build your organization's team.

Additional funding is commonly (and currently) available for specific apprenticeship opportunities.

Motlow works with our partners to seek funding resources that support apprenticeship opportunities. Currently, Motlow is offering additional funding in apprenticeships focused on Manufacturing, IT, and related positions.

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For questions related to apprenticeships, training opportunities, or other workforce questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 931-393-1760.

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