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Brand Resources & Information

This guide will help shape the creation of content that conveys Motlow's core identity.


Motlow Brand Elements


The refreshed institutional logo contains five distinct pieces coming together to create a shield and one “M.” The uniquely shaped pieces represent our diverse group of students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and community.

Without all of our pieces, we would not exist—We are One Motlow. 

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Motlow Shield Logo


Motlow’s core colors are essential to communicating a consistent brand image. Consistency and proper usage of the colors protects and strengthens the brand.

Used correctly and consistently, our colors show institutional pride and school spirit.

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Motlow's green and yellow

The Seal

Motlow’s new seal honors the College’s rural roots while telling the story of
its rise toward urban growth. The imagery moves across time and space. The lower center of the seal frames Motlow’s origin story. It chronicles the College’s 1969 agricultural topography and then reaches forward in time and space toward new horizons.

The seal’s pathway continues until it meets a rising sun symbolizing student success. 

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Motlow's Seal


Athletics was front and center in the branding research that explored whether or not Motlow would remain the Bucks.
We explored other mascot possibilities.

We found that our passion for being Bucks was supported by the community’s passion for us to remain the Bucks.

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Motlow's athletics logo


A gift of 187 acres and legacy of spirit was conveyed to us chiefly through the Motlow family. At the time of our founding, this family was led by Senator Reagor Motlow, a successful business leader, elected official, philanthropist, and trailblazer.

Reagor Motlow’s vision, determination, community spirit, and pattern of achievements
are qualities imprinted on our institutional persona.

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Reagor Motlow and Motlow's buck mascot


We are a teaching and learning institution. We practiced what we teach as we researched, evaluated, and implemented Motlow’s Brand Refresh.

More than 2,000 people contributed to surveys and focus groups.

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Research evidence
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