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Veterans & Military

Supporting Veterans and their Families

Motlow's Veterans Affairs office helps assist veterans and eligible disabled veteran's dependents in requesting educational assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans Affairs Coordinator

P.O. Box 8500 Dept. 520 Lynchburg, TN 37352
[email protected]



How to Use VA Education Benefits at Motlow

  1. Apply to Motlow
  2. Apply for benefits: Once your VA application is approved, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA. Provide Motlow a copy of the certificate.
  3. Fill out the Motlow VA Forms: Log into MotlowHub and select MyMotlow. Click the Student tab, then Admissions and Records Forms. Choose New Veterans Packet to begin using benefits at Motlow.
  4. Complete Admissions requirements and register for classes: Contact [email protected] once you have registered for classes.
  5. Fee deferment: File a fee deferment form in MyMotlow before the purge date. Select the Student tab, then Admissions and Records forms.
  6. Keep Veterans Affairs up to date: Communicate any changes to [email protected].
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