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Administrator Teaching Criteria, Load and Pay Policy : 5:10:00:02

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs


Motlow State Community College (Motlow State) wants to provide opportunities for administrators (exempt staff) to occasionally teach a class or classes.  This allows them to maintain teaching skills, gain a firsthand perspective on today’s students in a classroom setting, assist the college in course staffing needs, and pursue professional development.


  1. Qualifications for administrators to teach are the same as hiring any other faculty member.  The appropriate credentialing form will be used and signed by all parties.
  2. Eligibility for extra compensation for Motlow State administrators will have the same limitations as a full-time faculty member.  The administrator shall be limited to teaching no more than two (2) additional courses, a maximum of six (6) semester credit hours, per semester for extra pay unless waived by the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  3. Payment will be at the appropriate adjunct faculty rate.
  4. Teaching is contingent on enrollment, course availability, the approval of the person’s immediate supervisor and appropriate dean.  Preference in course assignment will be given to full-time faculty.
  5. Support staff (non-exempt staff) are not eligible to teach.



Approved by the Leadership Council on December 9, 2016

Revised: March 15, 2023

Institutional Oversight Committee Approved: June 7, 2023

Faculty Council Approved: March 23, 2023

President’s Cabinet Approved: June 21, 2023

TBR Academic Affairs Approved: August 16, 2023

Effective Date: January 1, 2017; August 16, 2023

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