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Launch: New Student Orientation

Welcome to LAUNCH!

What is LAUNCH?

  • LAUNCH is the Motlow State new student orientation program. LAUNCH helps new students transition to college.
  • First-time Freshman Students Admitted for Fall 2024
  • LAUNCH is not required for students seeking a certificate.

How do I sign up for LAUNCH?

LAUNCH signup is open for first-time freshman students for Fall 2024. You must first be officially accepted to the College to begin this process.

Signup Steps

  1. Go to MotlowHUB
  2. Select the MyMotlow app
  3. Select the Student tab
  4. Select Orientation Sign up

For assistance or additional information, contact [email protected]



Following orientation

  • Log into MotlowHub and check your Motlow student email account regularly. All student information is sent to your student email account
  • Sign up for Motlow Alerts
  • Log into MyMotlow and confirm your class schedule
  • Purchase your textbooks
  • Register your vehicle and pick up your parking pass from the Business Office or your campus main office
  • Follow all of Motlow’s official social media accounts
  • Register for Master Calendar Reminders
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