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What is the difference between "Dual" and "Joint" Enrollment?

"Dual" enrollment means you get credit for both a high school and a college class. You get these credits at the same time. In other words, one class is counted twice. Once for college, and once for high school.

It really is a great deal.

"Joint" enrollment means you are taking a college course, while a high schooler. However, unlike dual, you are earning ONLY college credit for it. Your high school counselor can tell you whether the class you are taking qualifies as "dual" or "joint" enrollment.

With either option, you are still earning college credit. With Joint, you are NOT earning high school credit—it’s an extra class.

Do I have to take all my classes at a Motlow State campus?

No. We have three convenient options for you to choose from:

  • Take classes at partner high schools- Motlow State has agreements with many of the area high schools to offer college courses on the high school campus. These courses are taught by Motlow faculty and conveniently available on partner high school campuses.

  • Take online classes- For students who have issues with transportation, or for scheduling convenience, online courses are a great option. Many of Motlow's core classes are offered online and are available to high school students.

  • Take classes on a Motlow State campus- Students are invited to come to any one of Motlow State's four campus locations - Moore County, Fayetteville, McMinnville or Smyrna. Available locations are dependent upon classes offered for a given semester, the student's high school schedule and the high school's determination of how credit is applied toward graduation.

What if my GPA or ACT scores are not high enough for me to be eligible for a dual/joint enrollment course? Is there anything else I can do to qualify?

Students with ACT scores that do not meet the dual/joint enrollment required scores may challenge the ACT scores by taking the ACCUPLACER test on our campus. The results of this test cannot be sent to other colleges or used to apply for the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship. You must have completed a Motlow State application to be eligible for the Residual ACT or Accuplacer. To find out test dates and times and to schedule a test, call our testing center at (800) 654-4877 ext. 1763 or (931) 393-1763.

How do I request a copy of my Motlow State transcript when I graduate from high school?

Official transcripts can be sent directly to another educational institution or business only by written request from the student. Complete a transcript request form to have your Motlow State academic records sent to another college or university.

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