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Dual Enrollment Application Process

How to Apply for Dual Enrollment

Get ready to start college—in high school! Complete the dual enrollment application for Motlow admission. There is no application fee.

complete the Motlow Admission Application

Please complete the entire admissions application, even agreeing to the terms at the very end. Give the process a couple of days to complete. You will receive an email giving you your next steps, which include logging into MyMotlow and submitting the Dual Enrollment Consent Form. Check your spam folder if this email does not come through to your main folder. Once you have completed your portion, an email will be sent to your parent or guardian asking them to complete their portion of the form. At the same time, an email will be sent to your high school counselor asking to complete their part. Your high school transcript and ACT scores will be uploaded at that time as well.

DEADLINES to submit Dual Enrollment Grant


  • Learn how to login to your MyMotlow and Motlow email accounts.
  • Print a copy of your Schedule of Classes prior to the start of the semester to ensure you are enrolled in the right classes, at the right locations.

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