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Dual Enrollment Student

Motlow State has more high school Dual Enrollment students than any college in Tennessee. We specialize in making sure you get a great early college experience. Take classes at your high school or at any Motlow campus - and best of all it is FREE if you qualify for a Dual Enrollment grant.

Get an early start to college credits with Motlow’s dual enrollment program. Most students qualify for four free classes. Some high school agreements offer fewer free classes, but more low-cost classes.

Contact your high school representative

Apply to Motlow

Contact our dual enrollment office

Take a campus tour

Dual Enrollment Checklist 

Talk with your School Counselor to determine your eligibility and your high school scheduling. Note: If a student turns 18 years of age while taking classes, proof of citizenship will be required, and proof of draft registration will be required for all males.

Dual Enrollment Participation Requirements

  • 3.0 High School GPA (2.5 GPA for CTE courses, such as Mechatronics) and a 3.0 GPA in your high school classes in the subject area you wish to take collegiate classes
  • ACT subscores of 18 English, 19 Reading, 19 Math
  • Homeschool students must have qualifying ACT scores (must have a composite of 21 or higher to get two free classes in a semester)
  • Some high schools may have more stringent eligibility requirements

Complete your Dual Enrollment Application

  • Apply to Motlow
  • Make sure and choose Dual Enrollment – High School as the Application Type
  • When you have completed each section, make sure to click on Application is Complete and then I agree to the terms

High School Transcript

Official Version acceptable by mail or fax 931-668-2172 directly from the high school. You may also bring the transcript to the Dual Enrollment office in an envelope sealed by the school.

Test Scores

If you have taken the ACT or SAT, make sure the scores are sent to Motlow (they are often included on your high school transcript)

Consent Form

Consent form in MyMotlow.

TN Dual Enrollment Grant Application

The grant provided by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation will currently provide one grant per semester for tuition for high school juniors and seniors enrolled in college credit courses.  It is the responsibility of the student to apply for this grant each year.  

  • Students who qualify for the HOPE scholarship—3.0 GPA or 21 composite ACT score— can receive one additional grant in the same semester.
  • Students must maintain a 2.75 College GPA to receive the grant in future semesters. 
  • Deadlines to apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant are: 
    • September 15 for the fall semester
    • February 1 for the spring semester
    • May 15 for the summer semester
Casey O'Neal Portrait

"I started college at Motlow’s McMinnville center as a dual enrollment student while in high school, but I eventually enrolled full-time in 2010 following my high school graduation. My Motlow experience helped shape what my future would become."

Dr. Casey O'NealPharmD


  • Earn college credits with affordable tuition
  • Save tuition dollars by utilizing dual enrollment grant
  • Broaden opportunities for academic challenges and expanded course selection
  • Transition seamlessly from high school to college
  • Start early earning credit toward a college degree by completing common core curriculum that transfers easily to Tennessee's public colleges and universities

Moltow dual enrollment students at LaVergne High School


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