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Reagor Motlow and Motlow's buck mascot

The history, growth, current success, and future achievements of Motlow State are grounded in inspiring public-private partnerships. The very founding of our College was forged through a collaboration of local citizens, industry leaders, philanthropic benefactors, and state officials.

A gift of 187 acres and a legacy of spirit was conveyed to us chiefly through the Motlow family. At our founding, this family was led by Senator Reagor Motlow, a successful business leader, elected official, philanthropist, and trailblazer. 

The Motlows were considered so essential to the mission of establishing our College that
 our identity became indelibly linked to this family. In 1967, the Tennessee State legislature named the community’s new institution of higher education as Motlow State Community College. 

Reagor Motlow’s vision, determination, community spirit, and pattern of achievements
 are qualities imprinted on our institutional persona. Through the contributions of many, including the Motlow family and Reagor in particular, we have become an institution that does not ask why.  Instead, we ask why not because there is still a sense of Reagor in us today. 

While we have proudly and collectively been known as the Bucks for more than 50 years, our iconic buck will have a name that ensures Motlow’s origin story continues reverberating into our future chapters of success for the first time in our College history. 
Our beloved buck will now be known as Reagor. We created a one-of-a-kind custom font that will also bear his name. In this, we honor our history and set our sights securely on future success. 

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