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Athletics was front and center in the branding research that explored whether or not Motlow would remain the Bucks. 

We explored other mascot possibilities. We found that our passion for being Bucks was supported by the community’s passion for us to remain the Bucks. 

Through a detailed process, we collaborated with a nationally recognized athletic graphic designer and professional consultants. Coaches and players participated in surveys and focus groups. The athletics department was engaged throughout the iterative design process as well.

Athletic Logos

Logos, lettermarks, and wordmarks are foundational pillars of the visual identity and provide the flexibility needed to represent the brand in diverse applications. The Motlow Buck and M Lettermark anchor the identity logo set.

Marks and logos are for authorized use only.

Those wishing to use the Motlow State Athletics logo or lockups must submit a request specifying the purpose of the requested use to: [email protected] 

Mascot Logos

Mascot Logos embody the brand moniker and namesake of the brand. Depicted in concrete form, they express their emotion and attitude visibly and viscerally. 

Primary Mascot Logo

Motlow's primary logo


Download Primary Mascot Logo


Download Primary Special-Use Case Logos

Secondary Mascot Logo

Motlow's secondary mascot logo


Download Secondary Mascot Logos


Wordmarks act as the visual voice of an identity system. They are ideal for presenting an unabbreviated representation of the brand.


Motlow bucks wordmark


Download Wordmarks


Lettermarks are the simplest of typographic logos. Lettermarks connect to wordmarks, their expanded counterparts, but are more versatile and adapt to broader uses. 

Motlow's M


Download Lettermarks

Combination Logos

Combination logos merge typographic and non-typographic elements into a cohesive composition to tell a complete story in a singular mark.

Motlow Bucks Logo


Download Combination Logos

Team Lockups

Motlow's athletic teams


athletic font

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