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Our New Logo

The refreshed institutional logo contains five distinct pieces coming together to create a shield and one “M.” The uniquely shaped pieces represent our diverse group of students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and community. Without all of our pieces, we would not exist—We are One Motlow.


In refreshing the institutional logo, we remained faithful to the symbolism of history, protection, and provision conveyed through a shield. We also remained faithful to the institution’s central, dominant “M.”

Our goal of maintaining a sense of tradition through the blending of contemporary elements was achieved by updating shapes and features. Through the refresh, we softened the corners and removed the cutouts on top of the shield. We also arched the top and expanded the bows on its sides. These changes help us convey a greater sense of welcome, openness, inclusion, reach, growth, and movement.


We successfully blended traditional and contemporary elements through the central “M.” We retained the historical “M” showcase as the logo’s centerpiece. We refreshed the “M’s” powerful storytelling ability. The updated “M” is a product of the multiple parts that come together to make up the whole. In this, our refreshed “M” tells the story that it is the people, places, programs, partnerships, and passions that come together to make Motlow complete. The three shades of green and the uniquely shaped pieces represent the inclusion and diversity we meld to pursue a unity that makes us successful.


Whenever possible, a primary version of the logo must be used, printed in the specified PMS colors or in a process color conversion of those PMS colors.

These two versions are intended for use on all digital and printed materials, both internal and external.

The logo should only appear in the provided proportions and not be stretched or modified.

The primary logo versions may never be used on solid green backgrounds. Please use the one-color yellow, white secondary, or the secondary full-color (yellow text) logo variations in this specific use case scenario. 

Request a Logo

All Motlow public messaging is subject to system, state, federal, and accrediting body audit and policy/practice compliance. To remain audit-ready and demonstrate compliance, Motlow maintains audit-ready archives of all public uses of its trademark. All College employees, students, vendors, and partners must request permission for public use of any of Motlow's trademarks. Requesting permission for use of College trademarks is welcomed, simple, and fast.

Primary Logos

Marks and logos are for authorized use only. The colors of the logos should not be changed.

Primary Logos

Special-Use Case Logos

Marks and logos are for authorized use only. The colors of the logos should not be changed.

Special Case Logos


Departmental Logos

Departmental Logos

Logo Requirements

Those wishing to use the Motlow State logo or seal must submit a request specifying the purpose of the requested use to: [email protected] 

The use of the Motlow State logo or seal is strictly prohibited without written permission.

To maintain the integrity of the "Motlow State Community College," "Motlow State", "Motlow State Bucks" brands, all logos may not be used in combination with:

  • Content that is disparaging, can be viewed as hate speech, or is discriminatory based upon the Board's non-discrimination policies;
  • Content that is inconsistent with the System’s brand guidelines or current or established identity standards;
  • Content that infringes on any intellectual property rights;
  • Content that references alcohol, drugs, sexual connotations, or violence/firearms;
    Reference to unofficial events;
  • Content with political or religious references;

The Department of External Affairs has the right to refuse the use of the logo or seal for any reason or production of any item, whether print or digital.

Logo do nots

Institutional Publications Policy

1:07:02:00: All publications and documents that require control numbers must be approved by the VP External Affairs Compliance with TBR guidelines, consistency of style, quality, cost effectiveness, reporting requirements, audit reviews, and correct use of logo are the primary purposes of the review process.

View policy

Control number request form

Protecting the Motlow Brand

The icons below are decommissioned Motlow brands. Special permission is required for the use of these emblems as they are not part of Motlow’s current brand portfolio. All of Motlow’s graphic assets are federally registered for trademark protection. Use of any Motlow registered mark requires both trademark permission and record retention compliance. The graphic assets below are maintained as part of the institution’s historical record and are only approved for use within historical contexts.

Decommissioned Round Motlow Logo

Decommissioned Horizontal Motlow Logo

Decommissioned Motlow Buck Logo
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