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Residual ACT Test

School Code 4003

ACT (An assessment of college readiness - passing grades are required for most college acceptance)

Eligibility Requirements

Students must take the National ACT Test to be eligible for the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship. Motlow State Community College does not administer the National ACT Test. For information regarding the National ACT Test, go to: act.org.

All students taking the ACT Test must have a MSCC admission's application on file prior to taking the ACT Test. Students will register for the Residual ACT by logging into their MyMotlow account, go to the Student tab, click Testing/Proctoring Services, click Residual ACT Test Registration then proceed with the registration form.

Appointments for the test and a list of open dates are available online through RegisterBlast. After completing the online registration form, applicant will receive an email confirmation.

To register for an appointment, choose the campus where you want to take the exam:

The assessment will begin promptly on the designated testing dates. It is advisable that participants arrive 15 minutes early. The test will be administered in Crouch Center-Room 1043.

As a Residual Testing Center, Motlow State Community College will administer the complete ACT assessment several times each year. The test is given at the Moore County (Tullahoma) campus.

  • Scores cannot be transferred to another college/university
  • If a student plans to attend MTSU or any other college, he/she must take the test at that campus or the National ACT Test.
  • If a student is 16 years of age or younger, it is recommended he/she completes the National ACT Test offered through the high school.
  • All students taking the ACT Test must have a MSCC admission's application on file prior to taking the ACT Test.
  • If you need to request special accommodations for ACT Testing, please send a copy of your psychological/medical records or all pertinent records regarding your disability to Disability Student Services Dept. 580 or call 931-393-1765.
  • If you have taken the Residual ACT Test at another institution, you must wait 60 days before retaking the test.
  • The testing center will provide a calculator for the test. However, you may bring your personal calculator. The following calculators are prohibited: CFX-9970G, CRX-9970GE, Algebra fx 2.0, TI-89, TI-92, HP_40G, and HP49G.
  • Proof of identification is required on the day of the test. A driver's license, passport, school picture ID card, or other picture identification are acceptable as proof of identification.
  • Applicants will receive a confirmation by e-mail to their Motlow email account.
  • Dual enrollment applicants are required to take all four sections of the test.
  • Applicants will pay the $53.50 ACT registration fee on the day of the test. All checks or money orders should be written to Motlow State Community College.
  • If you are taking the ACT test to enroll in the Joint, Dual, or Academically Talented/Gifted Enrollment Program and would like your Residual ACT Test results released to your high school counselor, you must submit a written request to the Testing Center after the test.
  • If you wish to request special accommodations or modifications for the ACT test, please have your physician or doctor send a copy of your psychological or other pertinent records regarding your disability to the Office of Disability Student Services two weeks prior to test date
  • PLEASE NOTE: Scores for the Motlow ACT Assessment cannot be transferred to another college. If a student plans to attend another college, he/she must take the National Test or take the test on the campus of the prospective college.

    Test Preparation

    Materials including books or software programs to aid in preparation for taking the ACT Assessment may be purchased at the Motlow College Bookstore or from any public bookstore. You may also purchase the materials online at the actstudent.org.

    Residual ACT Transcript Request

    Please complete and return the residual ACT request form.


    For more information, please call 931-393-1763 or [email protected].