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Learn the Universal Language

We all understand how music feels. Understand what music is.

Pursue your passion for musical excellence at Motlow. The Associate of Fine Arts degree (A.F.A) gives you a foundation of music theory, practice, and performance. The associate of fine arts degree in music prepares students for transfer to a university.

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Practical Experience

The Music curriculum teaches:

  • Music analytics
  • Music history
  • Performance
  • Identifying major and minor keys
  • Playing major and minor chords and scales
  • Using rhythm, melody, harmony, form, texture, dynamics and tone color
  • Mastering your instrument of choice
  • Sight reading
  • Critiquing performances

Career Opportunities

  • Composer
  • Instrumentalist
  • Music teacher
  • Record producer
  • Conductor
  • Ethnomusicologist
  • Music Journalist
  • Sound Engineering
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