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Mass Communications

Do you dream of being on the radio, appearing on television, or attracting followers to a YouTube channel? Or maybe you want to promote a new idea, produce an award-winning film, take stunning photographs, or captivate audiences as a professional speaker? Motlow State Community College offers two associate degree options in mass communications to help you get started!

Earn either an Associate of Science (A.S.) or an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree at Motlow. Both options are Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTPs). TTPs enable you to complete your degree at Motlow and then seamlessly transfer to any Tennessee public, and many private, universities to complete your bachelor’s degree.

A Mass Communications concentration from Motlow provides hands-on experience with current technology to prepare students for careers in the communications industry. You will learn these technologies through a creative, project-based experience. You will explore a variety of areas within mass communications.

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You can make a median salary of $65,640 per year in Tennessee with a degree in mass communications.

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Learn What You Can Earn

There are a lot of career opportunities in this industry.

Here are great resources to help you explore the salary possibilities in this field of study.

Careers in Mass Communications

Mass communications is the study of communicating with the masses, but is also about storytelling with strategy and purpose. The study of mass communications is centered around how messages persuade and affect the behavior and opinion of the person or people receiving the content.

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