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Work with Technology

The study of computer science teaches you about future technology, a driving force in virtually every sector of society. Consider the Associate of Science Computer Science degree program when planning to transfer to a university through the Tennessee Transfer Pathway. This program is designed for students who intend to transfer to a university.

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Practical Experience

The Business core curriculum teaches

  • Business concepts and terminology
  • Management concepts and human resources utilization
  • Accounting systems applicable to business ownership
  • Fundamental macroeconomics, microeconomics, and economic applications
  • Computer hardware and software applications
  • Mathematical concepts for business-related problem solving and analysis and presentation of data
  • Principles of written business communications
  • Legal aspects of a business environment
  • Business concepts and operations in a global environment

The Computer Science path introduces

  • History and evolution of computing devices
  • Understanding of software applications that make computers capable of performing specific tasks
  • Computer concepts that can be used in schools, private business or in government
  • Programming languages
  • Data structures and sorting techniques
  • Other curriculum necessary in preparation for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's colleges or universities

Computer Science Careers

  • Software developer
  • Database administrator
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Computer network architect
  • Web developer
  • Information security analyst
  • Computer and information research scientist
  • Computer and information system manager
  • IT project manager

engage in the learning process through:

  • Critical thinking
  • In-depth research and analysis
  • Interaction with students and instructors
  • Exposure to fascinating coursework, lectures and classroom interaction
  • Independent study designed to allow exploration of a specific facet of business that interests you
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