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Motlow adds Thermal Temperature Scanners on all Campuses

November 20, 2019

Photo of thermal temperature scanner in school hallway

Motlow State has placed thermal temperature scanners at building entryways on each of its campuses. Each thermal scanner provides a non-contact fever inspection kiosk that provides detection of temperature, with or without a mask, in less than one second.

The thermal scanners are now provided as a supplemental aid to Motlow’s existing on-campus requirements. Students, staff, and visitors are still required to submit a self-assessment health screening form before coming to any Motlow campus.

The scanners are simple to use. Walk towards the scanner and it will detect your presence. It will display your temperature on the screen and tell you if you are cleared to enter the building. If your temperature is 100.4 or above, you are not cleared to enter the building and you should leave campus immediately.

Motlow buildings with thermal scanners include:

Fayetteville – Main building and Sundquist Center

McMinnville – Main building and Automation & Robotics Training Center

Moore County – Marcum Technology Center, Simon Hall, Nisbett Center, and Ingram Administration

Smyrna – Arthur Walker, MaryLou Apple, and Hiatt-Spivey Center

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