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Transfer from TCAT-Hartsville

Transfer from Industrial maintenance to Mechatronics

Motlow provides Industrial Maintenance graduates a seamless transfer from TCAT-Hartsville to the Motlow State Mechatronics program. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Industrial Maintenance Technical diploma from TCAT-Hartsville
  2. Official transcript from TCAT-Hartsville
  3. Complete Motlow Admission Application
  4. Complete Motlow Mechatronics Program Application

Once an Industrial Maintenance graduate passes the Siemens Level 1 certification exam, and meets the above eligibility requirements, they will be credited for four courses at Motlow:

Motlow Course
TCAT-Hartsville Course
Credit Hours
MECH 1310
Electrical Components
3 credit hours 
MECH 1320
Mechanical Components and Electrical Drives
3 credit hours
MECH 1330
Electro-pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Units
3 credit hours
MECH 1340
Digital Fundamentals and PLCs
3 credit hours
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