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Support Staff Council Constitution Policy : 7:00:00:02


To provide a forum for support staff to openly discuss matters of general interest, to improve communication and mutual understanding between faculty, administrative staff and support staff members, and ultimately to improve the effectiveness of student support services, the Support Staff Council of Motlow State Community College establishes this constitution.


I. Functions

    1. To encourage support staff input and discussion regarding matters of general policy and interest;
    2. To act on behalf of support staff in cases requiring consideration of individual grievances or concerns; and
    3. To make recommendations to the Leadership Council concerning improvement of services to all customers: students, parents, faculty and staff.

In exercising these function, the Council shall have the power to make for itself such rules and regulation as it may deem necessary for the fulfillment of its functions.

II. Structure and Membership

  1. The Council shall consist of:
    1. Full or part-time support staff members from each organizational unit;
    2. At least one staff member from each campus; and
    3. Ex-officio members as the Council shall specify.
  2. Council members shall be selected according to the following criteria:
    1. New members shall be recruited by existing Council members (selected by their peers) to serve a one (1) year term that begins on July 1 (each fiscal year).
      1. The same support staff member may serve additional terms.
      2. If a Council member cannot attend a meeting, he/she may appoint an alternate with full privileges to act in his/her absence.
    2. One (1) support staff member (from each organizational unit) for each seven (7) full or part-time support staff or a major portion thereof.
      1. Any unit with fewer than four (4) full-time support staff may combine with the unit having the least members. One (1) representative shall be recruited to serve the combined unit at large; and
      2. A second representative shall be recruited for any unit or combined unit with more than seven (7) full-time support staff or major portion thereof.
  3. Officers of the Council shall be as follows:
    1. A chairperson, chair-elect, and secretary shall be elected by Council members at the June meeting (last meeting of the fiscal year). The chairperson must have served on the Council the preceding year.
    2. A parliamentarian may be elected at the request of the newly elected chairperson, or the chair-elect may serve in that capacity.
    3. Officers are limited to two (2) one-year terms in any given office but shall be eligible for re-election to the Council.
    4. Officers serve as the steering committee.
  4. Members shall perform the following functions:
    1. Council Members
      1. Serve as liaisons between support staff in their organizational unit and the Council in disseminating information and soliciting responses;
      2. Present discussion items and suggestions from support staff within their organizational unit;
      3. Elect the Council officers; and
      4. Serve on Council committees as appointed.
    2. Chairperson
      1. Presides over meetings of the Council;
      2. Establishes the agenda and provides an electronic copy to each member in advance of all regularly scheduled meetings;
      3. Calls special meetings;
      4. Appoints Council committees; and
      5. Attends and speaks for the Council at Leadership Council meetings but cannot commit to a specific course of action without Council approval.
    3. Chair-Elect
      1. Acts for the Chairperson in his/her absence or at his/her request;
      2. Assists the Chairperson in the performance of his/her duties; and
      3. Serves as a parliamentarian if so designated.
    4. Parliamentarian
      1. Informs Council members concerning points of order, rules and regulations set forth by the Council; and
      2. Follows, in other situations, Robert’s Rules of Order.
    5. Secretary
      1. Records, prepares, and distributes the minutes of the meetings, with amendments or corrections, to all support staff, the Administrative Council Chairperson, the Faculty Council Chairperson and to the Webmaster for posting to the college web page; and
      2. Prepares and maintains an official membership list of the Council from which roll call votes may be made.

III. Procedures

  1. Regular Meetings
    1. The Council shall meet at least once each semester.
    2. Meetings shall be open to all support staff and visitors, who may exercise floor privileges at the discretion of the chairperson or with the approval of a majority of the Council members.
    3. The chairperson shall provide an electronic copy of the agenda to all support staff at least two (2) working days prior to each regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. Called Meetings
    1. Special meetings may be called by the Council chairperson or by a majority request of the Council members. At least – two (2) working days’ notice shall be given.
    2. The President of the college or a member of the Leadership Council may call emergency meetings on short notice. Council members shall be notified via email at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Voting
    1. All business shall be decided by a simple majority of the total Council members present, except the approval of constitutional amendments and bylaws, which shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Council.
    2. Voting privileges shall be limited to Council members or an alternate acting in a member’s absence.
    3. Voting shall be by open voting except for the election of officers which shall be by ballot.
    4. Nominations for new officers will be accepted at the June meeting. Name of the nominees will be sent via email to each Council member in the form of a ballot. The ballots should be marked and placed in an envelope, sealed and returned to the Council chairperson by the designated date. The chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary will meet to open the envelopes, count the votes and notify the new officers in writing. (All Council members will have opportunity to vote their choice should they not be able to attend the June meeting.)
    5. A Council member may by his/her discretion call for a roll call vote.
  4. General Procedures
    1. In all matters of procedure not specified herein, Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall be applied.
    2. All recommendations receiving a majority vote shall be presented to the Leadership Council for consideration.

IV. Amendments

  1. Amendments to the constitution may be proposed:
    1. By a Council member;
    2. By petition of ten percent (10%) of the support staff; or
    3. By request of the Leadership Council.
  2. Procedure
    1. Proposed amendments may be submitted to the Council chairperson via email.
    2. The chairperson will forward the proposal to Council members for consideration and add the item to the agenda of the next meeting.
    3. The proposed amendment shall be discussed and voted on by Council members at the next meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Council shall be required for approval.
    4. If approved the proposed amendment shall be added to the agenda and presented at the next Leadership Council meeting for consideration and final approval.


  1. Bylaws may be changed or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Council.
  2. At the discretion of the chairperson or majority vote of the Council, an invitation to attend Council meetings may be extended to the President, Vice-Presidents of the College, Deans, and other administrative officers when their areas of responsibility are under discussion by the Council. Likewise, a request by these administrative officers to attend Council meetings may be granted at the discretion of the chairperson or majority vote of the Council.
  3. Whenever a matter ends in a tie vote, the Council will vote on it again at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If the tie vote is not broken at the second meeting, the matter is defeated.
  4. If a Council member is absent from two (2) successive meetings without asking an alternate to attend, the head of the organizational unit will be notified and the Council officers shall recruit an alternate.
  5. Alternates may not vote on the election of officers, nor may they serve as an officer.



April 5, 2017; December 3, 2019; approved by the Leadership Council on July 24, 2020; effective date: July 24, 2020

Responsible Parties

Support Staff Council Officers


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