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Separation Procedures Policy : 5:00:00:01


  1. Faculty, Administrative Staff and Support Staff Employees
    1. Supervisors are responsible for completing the out-processing checklist (see Appendix A for Motlow employees or Appendix B for TCAT employees) and providing the last day worked of all employees to Human Resources via email at [email protected] to ensure immediate removal of Banner access.
    2. Human Resources is responsible for updating the appropriate personnel data in Banner and notifying Banner Security Officers of employee separations on or before the last day worked, or as soon as possible upon notification of employee separation.
  2. Adjunct Faculty Employees
    1. Campus deans are responsible for providing Human Resources and the Information Technology office with the complete list of adjuncts who do not have a contract or pending contract in lieu of an out-processing form.
      1. Adjunct employees who do not have a pending contract for the spring semester will be terminated at midnight on February 20.
      2. Adjunct employees who do not have a pending contract for the fall semester will be terminated at midnight on September 20.


  1. Access to Banner data will be revoked on or before the date of the employee termination specified by Human Resources unless an appropriate future job has been loaded into Banner.
  2. An exception to the removal of access may be granted to conduct college business for reasons such as, but not limited to coursework, grading, and grade appeals. Banner Security Officers are responsible for documenting exceptions to the removal of access.
  3. Emergency access removal requests can only be authorized by the Executive Director of Human Resources, the appropriate vice president, or the President of the college. To initiate the emergency access removal process, Human Resources will notify the Chief Information Officer or their designated representative and instruct them to take immediate action to restrict an individual’s access.
  4. Failure of supervisors to comply with this policy may result in state audit findings and disciplinary action.




Leadership Council Approved: July 28, 2017

Effective Date/Approved: July 28, 2017

Responsible Party

Executive Director of Human Resources


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