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Duty Hours and Absences Policy : 5:10:01:00


Motlow State Community College follows a 37.5 hour work week with a 7.5 hour workday, and a 5 day work week as stated in TBR Guideline P-020. Exceptions to the established work week may be made by the appropriate unit head according to college needs.


  1. Business and administrative offices are regularly open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., or other hours agreed upon by the appropriate unit head.
  2. Appropriate offices are open extended hours periodically each semester. Contact the appropriate campus for specific information. Administrative and classified personnel should file the appropriate forms to request annual leave as far in advance as possible.
  3. In case of absence due to sickness or other emergency situations, the immediate supervisor should be notified as soon as possible. Sick Leave documentation should be completed the first work day after absence.


  1. Faculty members are employed on an academic year basis without obligation for or guarantee of summer school employment.
  2. An appointment to a regular teaching position obligates all appointees for service of no less than 37.5 hours per week on behalf of the college.
  3. Faculty personnel are expected to expend a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week, in class, office hours or other approved college activity excluding travel time.
    1. Of the minimum thirty (30) hours per week, fifteen (15) hours shall be scheduled for teaching on campus and/or online courses, and fifteen (15) hours shall be scheduled for conducting on campus and/or online office hours.
    2. Of the fifteen (15) total hours for on campus and/or online office, hours, a minimum of five (5) hours per week must be spent on campus.
    3. A faculty member may schedule a maximum of ten (10) hours per week for online office hours, but such hours shall not exceed the total number of hours taught online.
    4. On campus office hours are expected to be scheduled and conducted at the same location the faculty member is teaching an on campus class.
    5. Online office hours shall be scheduled and conducted at any location for the convenience of the students.
  4. Faculty traveling between two teaching locations during the same work day will coordinate their office hours with the appropriate Dean(s).
    1. Each faculty member’s schedule is to be posted on his/her door, and on a faculty member’s web page where appropriate.
    2. The faculty member is expected to be available to students during all the hours noted as office hours; however, a faculty member may deny access to his/her office to any sales person.
    3. If a faculty member has to be away from the office during a time noted as on campus office hours, the faculty member shall leave a message posted to explain the absence.
    4. For online classes and online office hours, faculty shall make every attempt to respond to student emails and/or other such related means of correspondence within two (2) business days excluding weekends.
    5. If for some reason an online instructor will not be available to interact with students within that time period, students will be so notified and will be provided information as to when the instructor will be available.
  5. Faculty members are expected to meet all classes promptly as scheduled. Unless covered under Section F of this policy, instructors absent from the campus during assigned classes must request in advance, through the appropriate Dean’s office, approval of the absence. Provision for course content and for class coverage during an absence should be worked out with the appropriate Dean.
  6. For emergency sick leave and other emergency situations that prevent a faculty member from conducting class or holding office hours, the Dean must be notified by the faculty member or a member of the family as soon as possible concerning the anticipated absence.
    1. If the Dean or his/her designee in that department is unavailable, then the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs should be notified.
    2. The faculty member must also complete the Faculty Absence Form found in MyMotlow.
    3. Failure to give notice of an impending class absence is a serious breach of duty.
      1. Moreover, if the situation continues, the Dean should be given periodic reports as to the expected return, so that provision can be made for classes on a day-to-day basis.
      2. At his or her discretion, the Dean will notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs whenever faculty members are not in attendance according to their teaching and office schedules.
      3. Faculty should complete the Faculty Absence form on MyMotlow to notify the appropriate Dean and/or students of the absence.
      4. A is to be completed requesting sick leave the first work day after an absence. This form is available on Motlow’s web page.
    4. The home base of a faculty member will be determined each semester.
      1. The home base will be the Motlow location where the faculty member spends the majority of his/her time in support of college activities such as instructional time, office hours, administrative functions, and committee attendance.
      2. In cases where this is unclear, the final determination will be the province of the Vice President for Academic Affairs after consultation with the faculty member.
      3. The faculty member will be paid for travel from the home base to an assigned Motlow teaching site. Faculty members will be reimbursed for round trip mileage if they are required to return to a Motlow State campus for a teaching assignment on the same day.
      4. In all cases faculty assignments are to be based on student and college needs.


Corresponding Policy: TBR Guideline P-020


Revised: November 24, 2015; September 2, 2016

Responsible Party

Executive Director of Human Resources


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