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Alternate Work Arrangements for Non-Faculty Employees Policy : 5:10:12:00


This policy describes the use of alternate work arrangements for non-faculty employees of Motlow State Community College.

  1. The use of alternate work arrangements by Motlow State Community College employees will be permitted only on a case-by-case basis for extraordinary circumstances and/or under a College declared emergency.
  2. The appropriate vice president or executive director will recommend any required alternate work arrangement assignments in their respective areas to the President for final approval.
  3. Following approval, an Alternate Work Arrangement Agreement form will be completed, which is available in TBR Policy No. 5:01:01:20, Exhibit 1.


Corresponding Policy

TBR Alternate Work Arrangements – 5:01:01:20


January 30, 2015; approved by the President’s Council on May 24, 2016; effective date: May 24, 2016

Responsible Party

Executive Director of Human Resources

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