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Motlow offers high-demand, short-term skills training

July 28, 2021

Motlow President, Dr. Michael Torrence, earned his basic welding certification in 2020 through MotlowTrained.The Workforce Development Department at Motlow State Community College recently purchased an aptitude assessment program called YouScience that uses brain games to determine a student’s aptitude for specific careers.

“The platform then provides the participants with detailed information about careers that match their aptitude profile and will even connect them with employers who are hiring for those positions,” said Joy Rich, assistant vice president of workforce development at Motlow. These assessments will soon be provided free to Motlow students and community affiliates.

YouScience uses real measures of aptitudes via psychometrically valid “brain games” to determine a user’s unique set of natural abilities. When combined with interests, the results yield very accurate career recommendations and deep personal insights.

Motlow is consistently developing new ways for students to achieve success. In addition to the upcoming assessment program, the College currently offers short-term workforce training through MotlowTrained. This training is cheaper and faster than attending traditional classes.

MotlowTrained, in partnership with Ed2go, provides high-demand skills training through easily accessible online learning with a vast course catalog of learning opportunities for students to work toward career advancement. It offers instructor-led training courses to meet your enrichment and professional development needs.

“We have recently discovered the magnitude of training potential that they offer through their personal development courses as well as their advanced programming courses,” said Rich. “By offering ed2go along with our on-ground courses in EMT and Robotics, we are providing creative and cost-effective training solutions for students, employers, and the community in which we serve.”

Short-term training is the new industry standard for earning credentials quickly. Programs are offered at convenient times and are fast-paced. In fact, MotlowTrained offers so many easily accessible programs that Motlow’s President, Dr. Michael Torrence, was able to work basic welding certification into his busy schedule.

There are several fall courses ready for enrollment, including ACT Prep, creating a WordPress website, Introduction to Microsoft Excel, online marketing communications, and various automation and robotics courses, as well as many others.

MotlowTrained offers a wide variety of training programs to help learners:

  • Quickly become job-ready
  • Upskill for career advancement
  • Transition to a new field
  • Gain essential credentials
  • Earn Continuous Educations Units

“Be on the lookout for growth in our on-ground courses as we continue to assess our local industry needs and match those needs with our Motlow talent to provide training opportunities,” exclaimed Rich.

For more information, contact 931-393-1760, email [email protected], or visit

Motlow State fall classes begin August 23. Apply today to For more information regarding reduced costs for students, email [email protected] or call 800-654-4877.

Tennessee’s Community Colleges is a system of 13 colleges offering a high-quality, affordable, convenient, and personal education to prepare students to achieve their educational and career goals in two years or less. The system offers associate degree and certificate programs, workforce development programs, and transfer pathways to four-year degrees. For more information, please visit us online at or visit Motlow at

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