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Lauren Renz : Stepping Stone to Success

March 2, 2021

Lauren Renz student success storyEnrolling in Motlow State’s Dual Enrollment program set the foundation for my future. I am a microbiology supervisor at a pharmaceutical company.

I enrolled in dual enrollment courses during the summer before my sophomore year at Lincoln County High School. Starting college early enabled me to graduate from Motlow and earn my associate degree while earning my high school diploma. 

Taking high school and college courses at the same time taught me time management and patience. I split my days between my high school classrooms and the Motlow Fayetteville campus. During the summer, I took courses at Motlow’s beautiful Moore County campus. 

My instructors and advisors at Motlow always focused on accommodating my schedule. They showed a genuine interest in my education. They even helped locate scholarship money and resources so I could continue my path towards dual graduation. 

Attending Motlow gave me a real-world view of what college would be like before I jumped into a full university setting. My experiences at Motlow gave me a better understanding of what I wanted when I got to a university and what I wanted out of my college education as a whole.  

I can’t stress how important it was for me to learn how big the transition was from high school to university. High school is structured so that others hold students accountable. In college, you hold yourself accountable, and that transition can sometimes be difficult, or at the very least, unexpected. 

After earning my associate degree from Motlow, I transferred to MTSU and earned my bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Biotechnology. I currently work as the Microbiology Supervisor at a local pharmaceutical company.  

Motlow was a key stepping stone to my success. As time goes by, I am confident the decision to attend Motlow and earn my associate degree and high school diploma through the dual enrollment program was the best decision. I would make the same choice again, and I encourage others to choose Motlow.

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