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Jenna Caviezel (Smyrna & McMinnville)
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Jenna CaviezelJenna Caviezel is both a Writing Center tutor and the Writing Center Coordinator. With help from her amazing tutors, she keeps the Writing Centers running smoothly on all four campuses. Jenna has been working in Writing Centers since 2006 and began teaching English at Motlow in 2012. As a tutor, she's happy to help any student with any kind of writing, but she especially enjoys sessions that focus on creative pieces like poems or short stories. In a tutoring session, you may also meet her alter ego — Captain Comma — whose superpowers include educating the masses regarding proper comma usage and transforming into a giant comma. (Really, she has a cape and everything.) If you have any questions or comments about the Writing Center, she'd love to hear from you. Just email her at!

Will MurphyWill Murphy has been teaching English for over 20 years. He first began as an ESL teacher in Japan, and later taught in Italy and England. He earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota, and later earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Irish Literature at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. Will has been teaching at Motlow for the last 3 years. In addition, he is the Assistant Coordinator for the Writing Center for Moore Co. and Fayetteville and conducts a creative writing workshop.

Caitlin AbleCaitlin Able is seeking her associate's degree in General Studies. She hopes to move on to get her bachelor's in English and pursue a career as an editor. Writing has always been one of her strengths, and she is eager to aid fellow students on their path to become better writers. Outside of school, Caitlin enjoys reading, photography, and playing video games.

Ava AndersonAva Anderson is a Mechatronics major and an honors student. She really enjoys writing because it is relaxing and helps her to express what she means in actual words. She wanted to become a tutor because she enjoys helping people understand academic subjects and wanted to help other students like her become more confident in writing.

Rachel BarberRachel Barber is a sophomore at Motlow State Community College on the Moore County campus. She is majoring in criminal justice with plans to pursue her bachelor's degree at Tennessee State University on the Moore County campus via the two plus two program after graduation. In addition to being a Writing Center tutor, Rachel works part-time as a cashier at Lowe's home improvement. Outside of school and work, Rachel enjoys art, makeup, reading, and binge watching Netflix. Rachel is excited to be working in the Writing Center, and will help students in however she can!

Gregory BronsonGregory Bronson is an adjunct instructor at the Smyrna campus, where he teaches composition and tutors in learning support courses. He earned his MA in English at Middle Tennessee State University, where he was graduate teaching assistant and focused his studies on medieval English literature, such as the works of Geoffrey Chaucer and Sir Thomas Mallory. He brings a lot of what he has learned from studying classic literature into his teaching and tutoring, always interested in the structures and conventions of the genres in which we write. Gregory is also a Middle Tennessee native who enjoys reading fantasy and historical fiction, as well as playing board games and tabletop RPGs with his friends.

Kristy GibsonKristy Gibson is a sophomore at Motlow State Community College. She is majoring in Elementary Education and plans on teaching English one day. Kristy works at the Boys and Girls Club of Bedford County as an art teacher and loves painting and calligraphy.

Mariah HaleyMariah Haley is a sophomore at Motlow State Community College in Smyrna. She is majoring in English and plans to go into the publishing field. While also working as a writing tutor, Mariah works part-time at a pharmacy. When she is not working or doing homework, Mariah likes painting, reading, photography, and writing. Mariah will always try her best to help in any way she can!

Anna HuntAnna Hunt is a sophomore at Motlow State Community College majoring in history. She is a member of the Honors Program at Motlow. Anna works part-time as a server. When she not at school or working, she enjoys reading books and watching Netflix. Anna is excited to be a part of the writing center and looks forward to helping any way she can.

Dr. William H. 'Bill' KrausDr. William H. "Bill" Kraus has been with Motlow State since 2005, teaching primarily a wide range of Political Science courses, both at the Smyrna and the Fayetteville campuses. A teacher, both full time and adjunct, at a number of Tennessee and California colleges for the past forty years, he considers it "top priority" to help, support and motivate students to develop their writing skills to a high level of excellence. This, of course, serves as a "gateway" for professional and personal success throughout a lifetime. Dr. Kraus has used his writing skills as a City Manager in six communities, as an owner of a non-profit association management services firm, and as a teacher. Writing effectively even played an important role in his early days when he was one of Hawaii's top "Rock" D.Js, known to his radio listeners as "Wild Willy".

Abby MireAbby Mire is in her third year at Motlow. She is an art major and aims to go double major at MTSU with art and either psychology or history. She wants to get her masters in art and her PhD in either psychology or history. She has been a part of the history club since her second year and enjoys reading, writing, music, and gaming. She loves her two dogs as well as her outside animals. She enjoys helping others and wants to help in any way she can.

Carolyn PooleCarolyn Poole has been an Instructor of English at the McMinnville campus since Fall 2009. She loves helping students improve their writing skills and is especially good at assisting with thesis statements, topic sentences, and transitional phrases.

Leah SeierLeah Seier attends Motlow at the Moore county campus, and she is majoring in General Studies. She is a part of the Honors Program, and she is an active member of the Sociology club. After Leah graduates, she will transfer to a university to become a general practitioner. During her free time, she hangs out with her friends and family or relaxes with a good book. She is eager to help you as much as she can, and she hopes that you have a great experience in the Writing Center!

Wes SpratlinWes Spratlin has taught English at Motlow for 17 years. He is a big believer in simplifying the mystery of writing for his students, and he works hard to find ways to prove to students that most of what they do in writing class is what they already do every day outside of school: communicate their thoughts, desires, and arguments via audience-appropriate vocabulary, context, and formats. Most students just need a little help getting used to the vocabulary, context, and format expected of them in college. When not teaching or tutoring, Wes loves films, family, and football!

Emily WarnerEmily Warner is a sophomore at Motlow State Community College on the Moore County Campus. She is majoring in Biology and plans transfer to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to pursue a Master's Degree in Wildlife Biology after finishing her classes at Motlow. In addition to tutoring in the Writing Center, Emily also works at a movie theater in Murfreesboro part-time. When she is not going to school or working, Emily enjoys reading, swimming, being outside, and playing with her dogs. Emily is very excited to be tutoring and can't wait to help in whatever way she can!

Grace YoungGrace Young is an ambitious and creative writer, poet, and songwriter who is a peer tutor at the McMinnville Writing Center as well as a Motlow Ambassador. In 2016, she obtained recognition in Tennessee Magazine for winning third place in the July edition of "Poets Playground." Pursuing a Mass Communication degree, Grace enjoys writing and communicating through written words. She loves writing seasonal skits for her church, teaching Sunday school, singing, playing instruments, and being involved in community service projects. She enjoys helping others and encourages everyone to feel comfortable while sharing their writing. She believes that there is creativity inside of everyone, anyone can write, and that the Writing Center is an exceptional place to explore that!