Student Success Results

Motlow State evaluates success with respect to student achievement consistent with its mission.

The college offers associate degrees and certificates to prepare students for employment or transfer to another college or university. The institution measures student achievement through a variety of means.

Student completion, retention and graduation success measures include:

General Education Assessment

All students who earn a degree from Motlow College take a standardized general education exit test which measures the quality of the college's general education program. General education core student learning outcomes are evaluated on a two-year rotating cycle. Success indicators for general education assessment include:

College Transfer Programs

Motlow State Community College prepares students to transfer by offering the Associate of Arts (AA) degree, the Associate of Science (AS) degree, and the Associate of Science in Teaching (AST). Success indicators for college transfer students are reported in the annual National Community College Benchmark Program (NCCBP) report and include:

Workforce Preparedness Programs

Students in career-ready fields take either a state licensure examination or a major field exit exam in their area of study. Scores are used as success indicators for these programs. Success indicators for workforce preparedness students include:

Sub-Population Success Rates

Success measures for student athletes include: