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Consultation and Outreach

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To schedule an appointment, call 931-393-1923 or email [email protected].

Do you feel you are experiencing a mental health crisis? 24/7 Crisis line – 855-274-7471.


If you are a parent, faculty/staff member, friend, partner, or loved one of a Motlow student and have concerns about the student’s mental health, you are encouraged to call the Motlow Counseling Services office. We would discuss your concerns about a student’s mental health and strategize about how to help guide the student toward getting assistance and support.

If you have concerns and questions about a student, Motlow Counseling Services are available to help you:

  1. Assess the situation, its seriousness, and potential referral
  2. Learn about resources, both on- and off-campus, so that you can suggest the most appropriate help when talking with the student
  3. Learn the best way to make a referral if appropriate
  4. Clarify your feelings about the student and consider the ways you can be most effective



Motlow Counseling Services strives to offer outreach programs to address student stress and depression. We focus on suicide prevention, sexual violence prevention, addressing mental health stigma, and drug and alcohol prevention efforts. Counseling reaches out to faculty and staff who work closely with students to offer "gatekeepers" training opportunities.

Click on the following links to learn more about: 

Suicide Prevention

Sexual Violence Prevention 

Mental Health Stigma

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

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