Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a united group of individuals who are dedicated to expressing the needs of their student body. Each Motlow campus has its own elected student government officials consisting of a vice president, sophomore and freshman senators, as well as other appointed officials.

SGA's Role

The SGA represents the student body at nearly every event on Motlow's campuses, including the college's Leadership Council. The SGA is involved in planning and executing events on every campus from Homecoming to Finals Week Celebrations. All students are encouraged to attend the SGA meetings and voice their concerns or wishes.

SGA Funding

The SGA receives its funding from Student Activity Fees. These are fees that students pay along with their registration fees. It is essential for students to have input into how their fees are allocated. The only way to do that is to get involved. It's easy to get involved. You can go to a meeting, volunteer for an event, vote for your favorite officer, or take part in any SGA activity.


Elizabeth Damewood: Moore County campus

Vice President

Tori Whitman: McMinnville Campus


JC Williams: Moore County Campus

Elizabeth Dunn: Fayetteville Campus

Dasha Grayson: Smyrna Campus

SGA Constitution

All potential applicants should read the SGA Constitution and be aware of the breadth of responsibilities for which such positions are responsible. All elected SGA members are held accountable to the role as presented in the Constitution.

Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

Motlow participates in the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL). TISL provides leadership and organization learning opportunities involving state government and state issues. Contact Michael Celiberti, [email protected], for more details.