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Dr. Lucy Craig
Curriculum Chair of Social Sciences
Professor, Criminal Justice
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Sociology A.A. or A.S. Tennessee Transfer Pathway

Program Description

The Sociology program at Motlow College is designed for students interested in learning more about the development, function and structure of human society. The program introduces students to the basic issues and effects of social problems that exist in today's society. As part of this comprehensive curriculum, the following issues will be explored:

  • the history of psychology, critical thinking and research methods in psychology
  • the identification of basic human relationships. Topics will include sociology, culture, inequality and social class, political and economic orders
  • an understanding of and solutions for major current problems in American society such as poverty, social deviance, environment, energy, population, health, education, and medical care
  • a look at the customs of courtship and the problems of the modern family with emphasis on social change; social, cultural, and personal factors relating to mate selection and family life and family organization
  • a study of crime and criminal behavior including major theories of criminal and delinquent behavior and possible solutions to our nation's crime problem
  • and other dynamic and very interesting coursework that prepare students for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's state colleges and universities

Practical Experience

Students will be engaged in learning through:

  • critical thinking
  • in-depth research and analysis
  • interaction with students and instructors
  • exposure to fascinating coursework, lectures and classroom interaction

Career Opportunities

  • substance abuse counselor
  • domestic violence counselor
  • probation officer or correctional counselor