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Program Info


Debbie Simpson, Curriculum Chair

Secondary Education, Mathematics A.S.

Based on the Tennessee Technological University Curriculum.

Program Description

Classes offered in the Secondary Education (Mathematics) degree program are intended to prepare you transfer to a four-year degree program. In addition to core collegiate coursework, students will also be introduced to the following:

  • an introduction to the field of education
  • how to successfully integrate today's instructional technology in the classroom
  • a conceptual approach to the study of the properties of number sets within the real number system
  • a review of measurement, congruence, similarity, and graphing and the historical development of geometry as a tool
  • a study of finite mathematics and college algebra
  • a study of linear algebra and beginning and advanced calculus

Practical Experience

Certain skills and instructional concepts will be reinforced through participation in the following activities:

  • hands-on lab experiences
  • introduction to tools for problem solving, sets, functions, logic, numeration systems and properties of operation
  • participation in the study and application of all levels of mathematics
  • classroom observations