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Dr. Lucy Craig
Curriculum Chair of Social Sciences
Professor, Criminal Justice

Psychology A.A. or A.S. Tennessee Transfer Pathway

Program Description

The Psychology program at Motlow College is designed to provide students with an introduction into the study of human mental and behavioral characteristics. This program area will allow students an opportunity to develop a solid foundation for further educational and career opportunities. Students will be introduced to the following curriculum:

  • the history of psychology
  • critical thinking and research methods in psychology
  • the biological and psychological bases of consciousness, sensation, perception, memory, learning, cognition
  • the development of human characteristics like motivation, emotion, sexuality and personality
  • the scientific study of how people's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are influenced by other people, including attitude formation, persuasion, social influence, aggression, prejudice and stereotyping
  • and other dynamic and very interesting coursework that prepare students for bachelor's degree completion at any one of Tennessee's state colleges and universities

Practical Experience

Students will be engaged in learning through:

  • hands-on lab opportunities
  • critical thinking
  • in-depth research and analysis
  • interaction with students and instructors
  • exposure to fascinating coursework, lectures and classroom interaction

Career Opportunities

  • social worker
  • school counselor
  • substance abuse counselor
  • psychologist