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Program Info


Stacy Dowd
Curriculum Chair, Natural Science
[email protected]
Smyrna Campus, MLA 210

Pre-Physical Therapy A.S. Tennessee Transfer Pathway

Program Description

In addition to core academics, the Pre-Physical Therapy degree program introduces you to basic science courses required for continued study in this field, including the study of:

  • Biology including the detailed examination of the physical and chemical basis of life with emphasis on cell processes, reproduction and inheritance and a unit on four of the five kingdoms of living organisms
  • Major groups of plants and animals with emphasis on taxonomy morphology, physiology and evolution of these two kingdoms

You may also choose to study one of the following sequences:

  • Chemistry and the fundamental concepts of atoms and molecules, chemical bonding, formula writing, naming compounds, classification of elements and some compounds, shapes of molecules, stoichiometry and gas laws
  • Physics with an applied study of the basic laws and principles of technical measurement and the study of temperature including heat transfer, heat gas laws and thermodynamic applications and the basic laws and principles of electrostatics, magnetism, sound, light and nuclear physics
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology including the study of the structure and functions of the human body emphasizing the cellular and tissue level of organization, and the reproductive, skeletal, muscular, nervous, sensory and endocrine systems

Practical Experience

You will be introduced to the following:

  • critical thinking
  • in-depth research and analysis
  • interaction with students and instructors
  • exposure to fascinating coursework, lectures and classroom interaction

Career Opportunities

Our Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Physical Therapy qualifies you for transfer to any one of Tennessee's four-year college or university programs. Completion of a four-year baccalaureate program prepares you for further study toward a masters degree or higher in Physical Therapy. Students who hold a higher degree and acquire necessary licensing could anticipate a career as a Physical Therapist at any one of the following institutions:

  • hospitals
  • nursing home or rehabilitation facility
  • schools
  • home health services