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Fred Rascoe
Dean of Career and Technical Programs
(931) 668-7010 Ext. 2123
[email protected]
McMinnville Center 164

Paul Sand
Curriculum Chair, Mechatronics
[email protected]
(931) 668-7010 ext. 2139

Ingrid Rascoe
(931) 668-7010 Ext. 2109
[email protected]

Mechatronics Technology, Robotics Concentration A.A.S.

Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical, electrical and computerized technologies that together form a complex system used by many manufacturing, packaging and other modern operations. The need for skilled individuals to support these systems is on-going.

This career program will provide the academic knowledge and practical experience necessary to prepare students for employment as a highly skilled mechatronics technician. The concentration is specifically provided for students who are interested in working as a technician in an integrated multidisciplinary industrial environment.

Program Description

  • You will develop skills to work as a technician in an integrated multidisciplinary industrial environment
  • You will acquire the knowledge and hands-on training in electronics, mechanics and computers to work in a variety of industrial and manufacturing related business

Robotics Courses

  • MECH 2710 - Robotics Safety and Operation
  • MECH 2720 - Robotic Design and Maintenance
  • MECH 2730 - Robotic Design and End Effector Tooling
  • MECH 2740 - Robotic Welding
  • MECH 2750 - Robotic Applications Capstone

Practical Experience

  • You will be exposed to basic functions of electrical components; the systematic flow of energy and measurement of components
  • You will learn troubleshooting techniques, systematic preventive maintenance and safety with respect to electrical components, pneumatic and hydraulic controls and PLCs used in a mechatronics system
  • You will study the basic pneumatic, electro pneumatic and hydraulic control circuits in a mechatronics system
  • You will study basic digital logic and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in a mechatronics system using the automation system SIMATIC S7-300 and the programming software STEP7

Application Procedure

  1. Apply to Motlow
  2. Submit a Mechatronic Program Application

Transfer Info

All collegiate-level transfer coursework for the Mechatronics program will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. course similarity within the programs enrolled in at Motlow;
  2. courses with similar content taught at the same level as Motlow; and
  3. same credentialing requirements for faculty at the transferring institution. Credit towards degree or certificate program requirements will be given for transfer coursework that meets all criteria. Mechatronics courses will be evaluated by the Director of Career Readiness.

Career Opportunities

The AAS in Mechatronics Technology prepares students for careers in manufacturing and engineering. The student is prepared to work in many various fields such as automotive, power production, food processing, appliance manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, robotics, and many, many more. Typical positions are:

  • Industrial maintenance technician
  • Engineering technician
  • Manufacturing technology technician
  • Product design technician