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Fred Rascoe
Dean of Career and Technical Programs
(931) 668-7010 Ext. 2123
[email protected]
McMinnville Center 164

Paul Sand
Curriculum Chair, Mechatronics
[email protected]
(931) 668-7010 ext. 2139

Ingrid Rascoe
(931) 668-7010 Ext. 2109
[email protected]

Mechatronics Certificate of Credit

Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical, electrical and computerized technologies that together form a complex system used by many manufacturing, packaging and other modern operations. The need for skilled individuals to support these systems is on-going.

Motlow State Community College offers the Mechatronics Technology Certificate for students interested in employment as a technician in an integrated multidisciplinary industrial environment.

Instruction in mechatronics provides students with the knowledge and hands-on training in electronics, mechanics and computers to work in a variety of industrial and manufacturing related business. The certificate offers employment preparation opportunities, as well as, the opportunity to upgrade and improve existing skills.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be afforded the opportunity to complete the Level 1 Certification Examination to become a certified Siemens Mechanics System Assistant.

Application Procedure

  1. Apply to Motlow
  2. Submit a Mechatronic Program Application

This certificate is not covered by Financial Aid.