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Foreign Language A.A. Tennessee Transfer Pathway

Program Description

The Associate of Art degree program in Foreign Languages is designed to prepare students for successful transfer to a four-year college or university. In today's culturally diverse world, knowing a second language can provide many advantages for business, travel and personal satisfaction. If you have a great appreciation for the history and culture surrounding language, an Associates Degree in Foreign Languages might be the perfect choice for you.

Collegiate-level language courses at Motlow are designed:

  • to assist students with areas of written and verbal communication vital for immediate entry into the workforce
  • to prepare students who plan to pursue more broad-based liberal arts studies
  • to prepare students who plan to pursue studies in foreign language and culture
  • to prepare students who plan to pursue liberal or technical curricula that lead to four-year degree completion at any one of Tennessee's colleges or universities

Practical Experience

You will be engaged in learning through the following activities:

  • essay writing
  • critical and logical thinking
  • in-depth research skills leading to preparation of topical and argumentative essay writing
  • verbal communication skills
  • artistic diversity through cultural and global literature

Career Opportunities

Our Associates of Arts Degree in Foreign Language qualifies you for transfer to any of Tennessee's university programs. Possible career paths available to those with Foreign Language degrees include the following fields:

  • Teaching
  • International Relations
  • Translating/Interpreting
  • National Security