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Dean of Career and Technical Programs
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Gina Burke
Curriculum Chair, Business and Technology
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Entrepreneurship Concentration A.A.S.

A business woman with the words, be a doer, be an entrepreneur next to her.

To Succeed as an Entrepreneur, You Need Big Ideas and Business Know-How

Is your dream job the one you create yourself? Motlow's Associate of Applied Science Business Major with an Entrepreneurship Concentration degree will help you launch your big idea with the business discipline it takes to succeed.

Through a curriculum based on advice from community entrepreneurs, you'll learn to use sound accounting practices, devise a reasonable business plan, and develop skills that make you both an effective leader and a valuable team player.

Whether you plan to start your own venture, expand your current business, or join a family company, you will graduate ready to make your mark on the world of commerce.

The Business Major with an Entrepreneurship Concentration is a two-year program preparing students to enter the workforce. The program is offered to anyone interested in entrepreneurship; from small business owners and seniors looking for a second career, to existing and prospective franchise owners and students majoring in other fields.

Reasons to Choose Motlow Entrepreneurship Studies:

  • Develop a solid base of business, personal, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Comprehensive coursework, including accounting, law, marketing, management and customer service
  • Effective marketing strategies and how to communicate within your organization
  • Critical thinking to develop business strategies that grow your business
  • Business ethics and social issues

Making it Happen at Motlow

Tennessee Promise and Reconnect scholarships cover tuition costs for this program. Motlow's low tuition, plus financial aid opportunities, help make this high-quality program very affordable. Meet personally with a Motlow financial aid advisor and discover the financial resources available to you.

Finish Strong

Motlow provides students access to a variety of support services to help complete their programs. Services include tutoring, faculty advising, completion coach support, and counseling - all designed to help students successfully navigate their individual college experience.

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