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Program Info


Debbie Simpson, Curriculum Chair
[email protected]

Elementary Education A.S. (Athens State)

Elementary Education, K-6 Emphasis Curriculum based on Athens State University, Athens, AL. Major Code 13.1202

If you plan to transfer to a university and pursue licensure in pre-kindergarten-4 should conform your program of study to curricula in effect at that institution. The following program of study is designed to be consistent with the Elementary Education K-6 program in effect at Athens State University.

The student planning to transfer to a university within the Tennessee Board of Regents system and pursue Elementary Education K-6 licensure should pursue the Associate of Science in Teaching degree. Additional information is available in the office of the Department of Education.

Program Description

In addition to core collegiate coursework, you will also be introduced to the following:

  • a study of the earth's structure, function, physical processes and location in space
  • a review of topics including general physics and chemistry as it relates to the early elementary classroom
  • an examination of world regions from a geographical perspective including physical and cultural characteristics

Practical Experience

  • hands-on lab experiences
  • introduction to tools for problem solving, sets, functions, logic, numeration systems and properties of operation
  • study of general physics and chemistry properties