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Program Info


Debbie Simpson, Curriculum Chair
[email protected]

Early Childhood Education A.S. (Tennessee State University)

Program Description

Curriculum based on and aligns with Tennessee State University Bachelor's Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences: Child Development and Family Relations.

Classes offered in the Early Childhood Education Associate of Science degree program are intended to prepare students for completion of a four-year degree program in partnership with TSU. Therefore, in addition to core collegiate coursework, students will also be introduced to the following:

  • practices relating to safety, health and nutrition as it relates to the early childhood setting and how to apply these practices in creating an appropriate learning environment
  • how to successfully integrate today's instructional technology in the classroom
  • a conceptual approach to the study of the properties of number sets within the real number system
  • a review of topics including general physics and chemistry as it relates to the early elementary classroom

Practical Experience

Certain skills and instructional concepts will be reinforced through participation in the following activities:

  • exposure to modern instructional technology
  • introduction to tools for problem solving, sets, functions, logic, numeration systems and properties of operation

Career Opportunities

  • childcare center director
  • childcare Center curriculum developer
  • childcare center teacher
  • childcare center regional manager
  • childcare center owner/trainer
  • With 4 year degree: Department of Human Services program evaluator