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Cary Holman: Motlow is More than a College - It is a Family

November 13, 2019

Cary HolmanMotlow is more than a college - it is a family. My Motlow experience was terrific. Motlow set the foundation for my success and supports me to this day as I serve as Principal at LaVergne Middle School. Motlow will always hold a special place in my heart.

Deciding to attend college is likened to building a house; one must first survey the land for the home to be built. I chose to attend Motlow because of the Elementary Education program. The Elementary Education program equipped me with the necessary tools to become an effective educator.

My favorite Motlow memories are working with student services, being a part of different organizations, serving on various boards, and hanging out in the student commons area. I fondly recall memories of enduring my most challenging classes and working with other students.  I will always be "Green"- The irony of it being my favorite color also. As an alumnus, I value the social and learning environment the College afforded me.

Each of my Motlow professors provided quality and meaningful learning experiences.  While enrolled at Motlow, the professors, deans, and support staff were always willing to assist and direct me.

I received much inspiration from Motlow support people who were instrumental in my Motlow success: Dr. Jesse Campbell, Ann Simmons, Brenda Cannon, Dr. Ruth Collins, and Marie Mosley.

While attending Motlow, I participated on many different boards as a student representative, served in various student organizations, and participated in numerous events and programs. My participation in the Student Appeals Board, Black Student Association, and Student Services inspired me to represent Motlow as a student and alumnus proudly. 
Though small in size, Motlow is enormous in quality and support. I recommend Motlow to anyone who desires to obtain a quality education. I am a proud Motlow graduate. For the last 24 years, I have devoted my life to public education.

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