Stacy Dowd
Curriculum Chair, Natural Science
[email protected]
Smyrna Campus, MLA 210

Natural Sciences Department

If you have an interest in pursuing a career such as nursing, physical therapy, environmental science or research, the courses offered in the Natural Science Department at Motlow can be a gateway to advanced learning!

The courses offered in this Department provide students with a basic core of scientific knowledge of the human body, health, nature, and the environment. Classes are taught by qualified and dedicated faculty who enjoy actively engaging students in the learning process. Students can enjoy enriching class experiences and lab opportunities at most of Motlow's convenient campus locations.

Students who begin their education in the Natural Science Department find themselves well prepared and excited to move onto the next level of learning at any one of Tennessee's four year colleges or universities. With seven degree areas now offered under the Natural Science' Tennessee Transfer Pathway, students who complete their Associates degree here at Motlow will find transferring to their Tennessee college of choice easier than ever. Don't wait any longer! We invite you to come and begin your future of learning more about our natural world.