Motlow State Education Students Partnering with College Street Elementary

Motlow Smyrna 3 Naming Opportunities

Motlow State has many levels available for individuals, families and organizations who may be interested in naming opportunities for Smyrna Building 3. Naming opportunities offer the chance to recognize individuals and organizations who are interested in creating a lasting legacy of philanthropy in education.

The following guidelines for naming opportunities have been developed. Commitments of $25K or more may be paid over multiple years.

  • Office: $5,000
  • Executive Office/Conference Room: $10,000
  • Classroom: $25,000
  • Classroom/Meeting (First Floor): $35,000
  • Lab: $50,000
  • Library: $75,000
  • Mechatronics Lab: $75,000
  • Classroom/Meeting Complex: $75,000
  • Student Support Center (First Floor): $125,000
  • Cyber Café: $250,000

Donations of less than $5,000 will be considered for tribute markers such as benches, seats and trees. If you are interested in learning more about how you can invest in the lives of Motlow students and in the future of Rutherford County, please contact:

Hilda Tunstill, Chief Financial Officer, Motlow State

(931) 393-1573 | [email protected]