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Keith Claxton
Curriculum Chair
Math Lab Coordinator
[email protected]
Smyrna, MLA 120

Mathematics Department Faculty

Name Email Office Phone
Sandra Arman, Associate Professor, Mathematics [email protected] SH215A 931-393-1714
Keith Claxton: Associate Professor, Mathematics; Interim Department of Mathematics Curriculum Chair [email protected] SM120 615-220-7829
Ayanaw Hagos, Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] MLA 122 615-220-7954
Magred Joseph, Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] SM 121 615-220-7940
Margia Keel, Associate Professor, Mathematics [email protected] MC160 931-668-7010 ext. 2116
Dan McShea, Associate Professor; Men's Baseball Coach [email protected] Nisbett center 931-393-1615
Brian Mitchell: Interim Assistant Dean, Smyrna Campus; Director of Learning Support; Associate Professor, Mathematics [email protected] MLA 123 615-220-7825
Rolando Navarro, Dual Enrollment Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] MC 152 and Warren Co. High School 931-668-7010 ext. 2122
Tabitha Parker, Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] FC 008 931-438-0028 ext. 3002
Rachel Perri, Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] MLA 122 615-220-7944
Brian Purcell, Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] MLA 122 615-220-7954
Elaine Robinson, Associate Professor, Mathematics [email protected] FC095 931-438-0028 ext. 3028
Steve Smotherman, Associate Professor, Mathematics [email protected] SH212 931-393-1729
Henry Stanfield: Instructor, Mathematics; Interim Math Lab Coordinator [email protected] MLA 122 615-220-7811
Andrew Sweeney, Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] MLA 122 615-220-7949
Keith Terrill: Instructor, Mathematics [email protected] MLA 122 615-220-7841
Leslie Wurst, Associate Professor, Mathematics [email protected] SH117 931-393-1782
Jon Young: Instructor, Mathematics; Interim Math Lab Coordinator [email protected] SH 931-393-1563