Tom Cruz
Curriculum Chair, Languages
[email protected]
MLA 101

Languages Department

For students who wish to pursue a career or education in language, reading, writing or literature, the Language Department of Motlow College has a lot to offer.

Highly qualified staff dedicate themselves to teaching students how to collect, organize and effectively communicate their thoughts or express their opinions to others through a variety of media. In addition, faculty in the Languages Department strive to prepare students for success in our very diverse society through an introduction to foreign languages and cultures.

Motlow offers small class sizes at a number of convenient campus locations. With twenty classes offered in English composition, literature, Spanish and French, students will enjoy the flexibility of taking classes that fit their busy schedules. And for even greater convenience, a number of classes are available online.

Upon completion of any one of the Department's degree programs, students will be well-prepared to transfer to one of the state's four-year institutions for continued learning. If you are ready to develop skills in critical thinking, research techniques, essay writing, literature appreciation, social media, foreign languages, and more, look no further. Let Motlow College be your gateway to learning!