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Creating Strong Passwords

Motlow passwords must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Cannot contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Be at least eight characters in length the a maximum of fifteen characters
  • Contain characters from three of the following four categories:
    • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a through z)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)
  • Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.

Option 1

Choose a couple of words that aren't directly related to each other but that you can remember. (e.g. dog, ball) Change one or more of the letters in the words to upper-case letters, numbers or symbols. (e.g. d0g, bAll) join the words with one or more non-alphanumeric symbols to get the final password. (e.g. [email protected])

Option 2

Choose a song lyric, quote or other sentence that you will easily remember. (e.g. "There is no place like home") Take the first letter of each word. (e.g. Tinplh) Change one or more of the letters to a number or symbol, or add a symbol or number to the beginning or end. (e.g. T1npIh!)


  • Change your password often
  • Do not use the same password on multiple sites
  • Treat your password like your credit card number
  • Do not share your password with anyone