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Important Facts About Online Registration

  • Incoming Freshmen Students: Once you attend one of Motlow's orientation sessions and all other requirements have been met, you will be able to register. Readmit students may pre register via MyMotlow.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the courses selected will fulfill degree requirements. You should read relevant sections of the catalog and discuss the courses you plan to take with your academic advisor or your completion coach prior to registering. Failure to do so could result in taking courses that will not meet your program of study requirements. Registering for courses without the necessary prerequisites or co-requisites can result in being dropped/removed from the class.
  • You may register for up to 19 semester hours of regular Motlow College and/or TN eCampus courses on the Motlow State Community College web site www.mscc.edu. To register for additional hours, you must present an approved overload form to the Office of Admissions and Records at the Moore County Campus, McMinnville Center, Fayetteville Center, or the Smyrna Campus.
  • You may process drop/adds and withdraw from school on MyMotlow.
  • You may access MyMotlow anytime the system is available unless otherwise noted.
  • Statements are e-mailed to your Motlow student email account only. Log into MyMotlow for your balance due. All fees are due as noted in the term calendar.
  • Cash, check, Master Card and VISA credit cards and debit cards are acceptable methods of payment.
  • Fees may be paid by credit card on MyMotlow or in person (at the Business Office on the Moore County Campus, McMinnville Center, Fayetteville Center, or the Smyrna Site), or by mail. (The college will not assume responsibility for late or lost mail.) Payments by mail should be addressed to Business Office, Dept. 180, Motlow State Community College, P.O. Box 8500, Lynchburg, TN 37352-8500.
  • All fees must be paid, or covered by financial aid, in full by the LAST DAY TO PAY as specified in the term calendar. Schedules will be deleted for all accounts having a balance due on this date. Login to MyMotlow to verify your balance. Call the Financial Aid Office at (931-393-1553) or email them at [email protected], if you have questions concerning financial aid.
  • It should be noted that if you add classes to your schedule by MyMotlow after paying your fees, a balance due will be created in your account. Every precaution should be taken to make sure you do not have outstanding balances on the LAST DAY TO PAY date. Log onto MyMotlow or come in person to the business office to get your account balance (See term calendars for LAST DAY TO PAY dates).
  • You may pay fees by participating in the deferred payment plan. (See details in the Deferred Payment the current catalog.) The required paperwork and first payment must be completed by the LAST DAY TO PAY dates.
  • If you register through MyMotlow, please have your student ID made the first day of class; it will be necessary for financial aid checks. ID's will be made on each campus. Replacement ID's will cost a small fee, contact 931-393-1531 to get the current fee amount..
  • If you register through MyMotlow, you must come in person to register your vehicle for the current academic year. Vehicle registration sticker's may be obtained at during normal business hours at all locations.