A nationally recognized honors program in your community. Winner of the National Collegiate Honors Council Two-Year Student of the Year in 2014 (Robin Keel), 2015 (Caitlin Tripp), and 2016 (JuliAnna Dykes).

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Honors Program Director
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Honors Program Assistant
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Motlow Honors Program

Honors Program

Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Motlow State Community College (MSCC) provides an interdisciplinary education of exceptional quality to highly motivated students, taught by highly credentialed and motivated faculty. A community of emerging scholars who have a passion for learning and a drive to seek academic excellence, the Honors Program fosters innovative and critical thought from broad global and cultural perspectives through small, specially-designed general education Honors courses and stimulating Honors seminars. The Honors Program cultivates self expression and the free and creative exchange of ideas; in addition, the Honors experience provides co-curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities, Honors Program and academic program advisement, and community responsibility through service projects. The Honors scholar seeks discovery, knowledge, wisdom, and personal growth and fosters the highest standards of personal and academic integrity and intellectual curiosity. The Honors Program seeks to motivate scholars to develop their fullest potentials, including well-developed composition and research skills, ethical decision making, and information literacy.

Why Take Honors Courses?

  • Students in Honors courses attend core curriculum classes and interdisciplinary honors seminars with other honors students. Restricting these classes to highly qualified students allows the classes to focus on quality work and the free exchange of ideas.
  • They work in an independent fashion to achieve higher quality of work. Greater quantity of work is not an objective.
  • They learn from highly motivated faculty, who share passions for academic excellence, the quest for knowledge, students, and the Honors Program.
  • They participate in field trips, class projects, and other special activities to enhance learning.
  • They have the opportunity to form lasting friendships with other students committed to academic excellence.
  • They participate in classes that approach subjects in unique ways.
  • They enjoy a competitive advantage when applying for acceptance to future colleges or for financial aid.
  • They receive distinction as Honors students on resumes and job applications.
  • They have the ability to apply for Honors Scholarships.
  • They receive special recognition at graduation.
  • They receive preferred eligibility for other scholarships and programs at other Tennessee Board of Regents colleges as well as at other independent colleges and universities. (Graduates of the Motlow Honors Program have received scholarships to continue their educations at institutions such as Vanderbilt University, The University of the South, East Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Austin Peay State University, and The University of Tennessee.)

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the MSCC Honors Program will:

  1. Express respect for human diversity and a critical awareness of their own assumptions, stereotypes, and biases when confronting difference
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of interdisciplinary inquiry and a recognition of its centrality in the liberal arts
  3. Construct logical arguments of complex ideas in speech, writing, and other media
  4. Practice critical thinking skills within the classroom and the community
  5. Exhibit an understanding of the ethical and moral obligations of an informed and engaged citizen
  6. Employ an awareness of civic responsibility through community engagement

Completing the Honors Scholar Program

The Honors Scholar Program is a college-wide curriculum that provides a path to excellence for academically talented students who want to derive maximum benefit from their educational experience. The program is designed for students who want the distinction of completing an entire program of Honors courses and thereby graduating as an Honors Scholar.

Eligible students may choose to complete a requisite number of Honors courses. Students may satisfy the requirements for any Area of Emphasis or Tennessee Transfer Pathway, graduate with a minimum 3.0 grade point average, and earn twenty-one hours from Honors courses with at least six hours in English Honors, three hours in Interdisciplinary Studies Honors Seminar courses (HONS 1020, 1021, 1022, or 1023), and one service learning course (HONS 1001).

For more information, please contact the Motlow College Honors Program Director:
Meagan McManus, Moore County Campus: (931) 393-1837 or [email protected]

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Honors Scholarship Applications

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