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School district policies regarding college students observing in schools

Students registering for Education (EDU) classes, please be advised:

Classroom observations in public schools are required, apart from class time, for each of the EDU classes: EDU 1120, EDU 2100, and EDU 2110. Some ECED (early childhood education) classes also require classroom observations in public schools.

Criminal background check is required prior to observing in schools in:

  • Rutherford County Schools
  • White County Schools
  • Warren County Schools
  • Franklin County Schools

School systems vary in their procedures regarding college students visiting in classrooms and these procedures are subject to change, but there are procedures to be followed for each school system. Students must obtain a background check prior to observing in the systems listed above. For other systems in counties served by Motlow (listed below), students should request information regarding the procedures where they wish to observe from the instructor of the course. If the county where the student plans to observe is not listed below, contact the curriculum chair, [email protected]. Motlow College must obtain policy information from the school systems prior to students visiting classrooms in locations not listed. Students may choose a school system other than those listed below, but must contact the curriculum chair to obtain the policy for that system prior to observing.

For counties that require a background check, students who have a current background check must provide proof of same to the Curriculum Chair by the 3rd Wednesday of the term and to the administrator of the school where they plan to observe prior to observing. Students who need to obtain a criminal background check should contact the Education Curriculum Chair, [email protected], to receive instructions about obtaining a background check. Students who need a background check must have this completed and shared with the curriculum chair by the third Wednesday of the term.

School Systems in counties served by Motlow State: Rutherford, White, DeKalb, Lincoln, Warren, Moore, Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Cannon, Van Buren, also Manchester City and Murfreesboro City.