Motlow Students
Motlow Students
Motlow Students

Accelerate your academic goals and opportunities while you're still in high school with Motlow's Dual Enrollment program.

Dual Enrollment Students Contact

Debbie Jennings
Secretary III
[email protected]

High School Representative for Cannon, DeKalb, Van Buren, Warren and White Counties

Sally Pack
Administrator of High School Initiatives
931-668-7010 ext. 2133
[email protected]

High School Representative for Bedford, Coffee, Moore and Franklin Counties

Lisa Bunde
High School Program Coordinator
[email protected]

High School Representative for Rutherford County

Teal Lynch
High School Program Coordinator
[email protected]

High School Representative for Lincoln County and Huntland High School

Lisa Sanders
Assistant Dean, Fayetteville Campus
[email protected]

Student Consumer & Safety Info

High School Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows high school and home schooled students to earn college credits for courses taken through Motlow while still being enrolled in high school. As a dual enrolled student, you are enrolled in both high school (or homeschool) and Motlow State Community College.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment for High School Students

  • Earn college credits with affordable tuition
  • Save tuition dollars by utilizing dual enrollment grant
  • Broaden opportunities for academic challenge and expanded course selection
  • Transition seamlessly from high school to college
  • Start early earning credit toward a college degree by completing common core curriculum that transfers easily to Tennessee's public colleges and universities