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Belinda Champion
Director, Disability and Testing Services
(931) 393-1765
FAX (931) 393-1970 [email protected]
Crouch Building Room 1042

Totally and Permanently Disabled Student

A student that is totally and permanently disabled, as defined by the Tennessee Board of Regents, may complete the Certificate of Total Disability to apply for reduced tuition. The student may audit credit courses without payment of a maintenance fee and may enroll for credit courses without payment of the full maintenance fee but will be assessed a reduced fee.

To be admitted as a totally and permanently disabled student, a person must complete the following.

  • Submit a completed Application for Admission to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Submit Certificate of Total Disability or affidavit from a physician or appropriate agency. When submitting the Certificate of Total Disability to the Office of Admissions and Records, it must be the original form signed by the physician to be processed.
  • Follow guidelines of Admissions and Records office to complete application process.


Students interested in college accommodations should contact Disability Services. College accommodations should not be assumed if a student is classified as totally and permanently disabled for admission purposes. A student must self-identify with the Disability Services office and meet specific guidelines to have a college accommodation plan.