Belinda Champion
Director, Disability and Testing Services
(931) 393-1765
FAX (931) 393-1970 [email protected]
Crouch Building Room 1042

Disability Services

During this time while classes and student services have moved online, we want to share that staff are still available through email to provide information and services to you. Please use the email contact information you see on this page to reach out to our staff for assistance and support.

Motlow State is committed to meeting the needs of qualified students with disabilities by providing equal access to educational opportunities, programs, and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate. This commitment is consistent with the College's obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). Together, these laws prohibit discrimination against qualified persons with disabilities. The staff of the Disability Services office at Motlow, coordinates services and serves as an advocate and liaison for students with disabilities attending Motlow.

How to Request Services

All students seeking assistance through Disability Services must self-disclose to the Office of Disability Services and provide documentation of the disability. Documentation may include records or written statements from a professional who is licensed to practice in the field appropriate for diagnosing and/or treating the disability.

General Guidelines for Documentation

  1. Evaluation from a Qualified Professional - a report, summary or evaluation from a professional that can diagnose or treat a disability. A professional could be a medical provider, mental health provider, psychological examiner or a school psychologist.
  2. Documentation should be current - a disability may change over time and document should support current accommodation needs
  3. Documentation should support accommodation need
    • Diagnosis should be included
    • Limitations associated with the diagnosis should be part of the document to show why an accommodation is needed

Incomplete documentation may result in delay of services and accommodations. Eligibility is determined based on documentation, in person interview with the student and observations.

How are Accommodations Provided

The student and the Office of Disability Services will develop an academic support and accommodation plan designed to fit the individual need of the student. Information regarding the student is confidential; however, where appropriate, the Office of Disability Services may consult with faculty members or others to create most reasonable accommodation plan.

The Office of Disability Services will complete an accommodation form describing the requested accommodation(s). The student is responsible for discussing accommodations with instructors; however, the Office of Disability Services is available to support communication and provide advocacy to carry forward the accommodation plan.

How do I Apply for Services?

The Disability Services Application is available online. Current students can access the application through MyMotlow. The application is located under the Student tab. Documentation of the disability may be uploaded with the application. The application and consent form should be completed to be reviewed by the Office of Disability Services. An in-person interview with the Office of Disability Services will be scheduled after the application is submitted.

Prospective students or those who do not have access to MyMotlow should contact the Office of Disability Services to inquire about services. General questions can be submitted to [email protected].

Contact Information

Belinda Champion: 931-393-1765, [email protected]
Serving students at Moore County, McMinnville and Fayetteville campuses

Yeulanda Pierce-Beverly: 615-220-7857, [email protected]
Serving students at the Smyrna campus